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Race day is quickly approaching and there are a lot of myths and tips out there on how to prepare for race day. So today I’m going to share some tips from

Tip #1: Choose quality over quantity when carb-loading the night before race day. It is a good idea to add some extra carbs to your diet before beginning the race, but do not binge eat your favorite guilty meals or snacks. Think about what your fueling your body with!

Tip #2: Layer, layer, layer! Yes it may not be the most comfortable thought, but you can never be underprepared for the weather if your layered. While you’re running you can always lose some layers so don’t fret about the weather. Just be prepared. Also secret tip: Wear layers you could part with, because you might lose them on the sidelines if you don’t have the family and friends on the sidelines.

Tip #3: Arrive early! Don’t stress yourself out panicking about making it to the start line. Don’t use pre-race energy on racing to the start line.

Tip #4: Know the course! It will help knowing where the hills are or where the hard parts of the course are. Try and run the course pre race, even if you just walk it or only run a portion of it.

Tip #5: Remember running is a solo sport. Do not be intimidated by other runners. This is your race, your accomplishment. Focus on your race and allow other runners to focus on theirs.

Tip #6: Don’t sprint across the start line. I know that everyone is carrying a ton of adrenaline and when the race starts its like a herd of cattle all trying to get out of the gate. But be thoughtful that this is not a 500 meter dash! You also don’t want to overdue your muscles.

Tip #7: Trying new gels, eating new food, or drinking a new sports drink is not the best idea to start race day. Just like trying new gear on race day being a bad idea, trying something new to fuel your body on race day is a bad idea. Try new things while training and understand how your body performs to new fuel.

Tip #8: Make a post race plan. You are more than likely going to have family or friends waiting to meet up with you at the end of the race. Plan where to meet up with them prior to the end of the race.

Tip #9: HAVE FUN! Don’t forget this race is about bettering yourself. Remember to smile for those beautiful race photos along the way.

So hopefully these tips find you well and will help you tackle race day before race day appears.

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